Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Qisitna and her repertoire of cries...

My dear Qistina has been quite a cry-baby these few days..Maybe because she's not well or maybe this is just another phase of her growing up.Owh,I don't know.

To an untrained ear, a baby's cry is simply a baby's cry:loud,uncomfortable,interminable..u name it.As a mom, though, I learned that babies has a whole repertiore of shrieks,sobs and wails..but just when I think that I know what her cries means, she uses it in a whole different ways..sigh..

She would wails if I leave her even if its only for a second.Like I'm leaving her and will never come back.She would also cries if I watch the tv,or read papers/magazines or talk to the phone or do whatever that makes her lost my attention.

Sometimes its difficult for me to do other works as she always wants me or somebody beside her even when she's sleeping!She would constantly open her eyes,to ensure that someone is beside her that sometimes makes me wonder,is she really sleeping???

Ya Allah,please keep me calm and collected when this happens.Coz sometimes I can lose my patience and I am at risk of doing something or anything to make her stop crying, which is not a good strategy for the long run..

Whatever it is, I know crying is a way of communication for a baby.That's how they convey their emotions.And being understood is the biggest thing that babies, even us: adults, want when we cry.rite??

But sometimes it just gets on my nerves!

Qis sayang,mama is still learning and trying so hard to understand what is it that you want.I'm so sorry that sometimes I lose it.Just bear with each other k sayang..Mama love you so much!


CuppyCakeMommy said...

macam2 ragam kan baby ni..makin besar makin ber peel2..hehe..btw salam kenal ye

Nana Aris said...

ain..juz wanna share,
kak hazie dulu baby die pon camtu smpai kak hazie tu satu keje pon tak bleh buat, even nk solat (kalau hubby die gi keje)coz baby die msti nangis yg smpai tak kuar suare tu..pastu u knw what she did, she stop giving attention whenever her baby cried (tp tgk keadaan laa..) die biarkan je baby die mengamuk sorang ( wit supervision of coz). skang ni alhamdulillah da ok..kalau tak dulu mesti kak hazie kne ade depan mate die je..