Monday, 30 November 2009

Aidiladha 2009 @ Chini

Allow me to start this entry with these pictures..
My cool father-in-law, nun dibelakang my mother-in-law

lebiu darl!
My 2 favourite person!

This year's Aidiladha in Chini (my hubby's kampung) was fun and great..Tahun ni family my hubby decide nak korban seekor lembu..they shared the 7 parts of the lembu.some buat qekah, some buat korban..since Qistina dah diqekahkan, we decided to give our part untuk Qekah one of our anak buah.Sharing is caring eh?

Ini kali pertama sejak saye kahwin dengan Mr. Hubby, kami dapat kumpul ramai-ramai di Chini..Bile dah kumpul ramai2 tu, chaos nye tak payah nak cite..seronok!We had so much fun and laughter there.Penat.Tapi seronok.

My hubby is the youngest of 4 in his family but when help or advice is needed, others would turn to him and my hubby akan tolong mane yang mampu. Me and my hubby always remind ourselves that the more we give to others, Allah will give us more in return.

Bile kite memberi, the smile on their faces says everything. And that look, each time we see it, makes us realized how as small as RM10 would make them happy.Perasaan bile dapat menggembirakan orang lain sangat2 priceless!

Makan2 first raya

Hubby and beloved anak2 buah..

Qistina with her cousins

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