Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Qistina Warded

Last week was hectic!I had no time to update this blog of mine.

Qis had to be warded since she had difficulty in breathing..When Qis doctor's said that she has to be admitted, we were shocked! Is it that bad? But we finally agreed, albeit reluctantly, to bring her to the hospital..The thought of all the medication she has to consumed, saddened me..

So we (me+hubby+Qis) ended up spending 3 nights in Al-Islam Specialist Hospital (formerly known as Kampung Baru Medical Centre)..It was only me + Qis on the first night there as all the single room was full. The routine? Nebuliser (gas inhaler) every 3 hours and medication every 6 hours..So can u imagine Qis waking up 3 am and 6 am for this? Sometimes she would cry but most of the times, she continue with her sleep..Qis tak kesah..

The funny thing was, my baby Qis is still active, friendly and happy all the time..not even one second,Qis tak menjerit, melompat2 or senyum sumbing kat semue nurse and doctor yang melawat die..Even when the doctor had to cucuk tangan die nak masukkan antibiotic, Qis yang dok agah doctor tu..haha..Bertuah anak mama!

The bill? Don't even ask! but me and hubby agree on one thing, we would keep all the bills and whenever Qistina ni degil, we would show her the bill and kalu dah besar2 nanti derhaka, claim je!haha..*wink*

She is still recovering and better than before..It is a good hospital and I would recommend it to everyone..good and friendly doctors and staff..worth every penny we paid!Qistina sayang, jangan sakit2 macam tu dah eh..Actually mama and abah tak nak dah bercuti kat ward hospital!bosan!

doakan kis sembuh sepenuhnye peeps!


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