Monday, 16 November 2009


I am still recovering from a tiring weekend.It was fun though.Went IKEA + The Curve on Saturday with hubby, Qis, mom and Qlah. Ramai superb orang..well, what do you expect.Its a weekend after all. I have been craving for IKEA's meatball since Dirah mentioned this (yes Dirah, you are to blame for this!) but ended up eating at Marche's. Peliknye, makanan kat situ tak sedap la pulak macam dulu.Ok, maybe it was just me.Menyesal tak stick to my initial plan to makan meatball..shish.

Ended up buying a few things at IKEA. I would never go back empty-handed if it's IKEA (but JUSCO Alpha Angle still wins!).I just can't help myself.Period.Owh, we bought 2 baby chair for Qistina.One for my mom's home and one for mine.Now she can sits with us at the dining table.I won't have to see her jumping in her walker or tapping my legs asking for her share of our food each time we eat.Finally.

Me+hubby+Qis went for another shopping trip to Jusco Alpha Angle on Sunday.Actually, JJ has never failed to be in our places-to-go-list every week. Rasenye dah banyak kami meng-kayakan Alpha Angle tu sebab kami tak pernah balik tangan kosong!Never!We bought a few clothes for Qis and ourselves.Preparing for our year-end-most-awaited holiday.Yippie!!

Still had a few more things to buy and we will be ready to board the flight!!


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