Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Suddenly I missed school so much..And each time I miss those times, I would have tons of images and memories flickering in my mind, grinning..I remember almost everything..

I remember being the last one to wake up and getting ready for morning class but still being among the earliest one to finish..I know, that fast huh?

I remember waking up early on Saturdays just to clean up the dorm, to be inspected..and continue my sleep after its done..

I remember waking up on Sundays, and notice that the hostel was just so quiet and I can only hear the sound of people washing their clothes, scrapping it like the stains wouldn't go off..

I remember having to tawaf around the hostel, 7 times, being a punishment for late! with a background song by the boys (usually having their breakfast at that time)..Labbaikallah humalabbaik..talking bout express Hajj huh?..*wink*

I remember cooking mihun sup only with a water heater..delicious!don't ask how, i'll let you wonder and picture it youself..

I remember staying up late at Yan's dorm just to gossips and laugh like hell..and the next day, one of my juniors would say, "kak ain, malam tadi satu hostel dengar suare kak ain gelak.."..and I will just grin.

I remember the night before sports day where we would spend almost all night at the field and a few days without classes..nice.

I remember having late night supper, nasi lemak of course, with a mission that I would stay up to study, but ended up sleeping on top of my books..

I remember each time it's a pulang bermalam week, we would have Bee Huat busses lining up at our assembly area just to drive us to Kuantan's terminal.. and meronggeng dulu in Kuantan before boarding the bus to get home..

I remember the laughters more than the tears coz I have more of those there..The memories are all still strong and fresh..As if just yesterday I left school.

As I continue, I still have millions of memories flashing in my mind..To write down all of these, would take forever..

So I might as well just stop here.

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