Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Reminiscing the past..

tibe teringat tempat kerja lame pulak.. semalam bile en hubby balik he said 'tadi lalu tempat kerja lame ayg..' Ernst & Young..started my journey there in Feb 2007.Mase masuk keje tu baru abis my ACCA..semangat gile nak keje. I remember I was offered by KPMG as well but ended up choosing EY.

I gained good and valuable experiences there. Not just the tasks but the people I met along the way is interesting as well.All sorts of people with colorful attitude and behavior..macam-macam..yang pelik2 pun ade..

Working in EY..hrmm..big pay but crazy work loads..chasing datelines all the time. Kerja balik kul 3-4 am kot..mase 9 months ngandungkan Qis pun still bawak kereta balik kerja kul 3am..crazy huh?

So when I gave birth to Qis, I decided its time to move on to a different working environment. I need a 9-5 working time. I want and I need that family time at night.I left EY in June 2009. Moved forward, no remorse.

So here I am..working at Bintang Fadzilat (M) Sdn Bhd.Duit depa, ku jaga..kahkahkah..

Yup its a family business. I work with my dad. The pay is not that high but ample.the most important thing is that the working environment is flexible.Anak sakit or nak cuti tak payah..and no, the work is not easy.same je susah cam keje construction company yang lain but my working life is not hectic..Alhamdulillah.

This is definitely what I need. And guess what? Monday blues..x pernah rase monday blues..seriously!

Syukur Ya Allah atas rezeki dan kurniaanMu ini!


Wan Amira said...

lucky you.. :) i was with EY too.. from 05 until 10, then i going crazy joined Deloitte for small increment in my salary.. boring life..

but now no more audit firm.. but still doing the same thing.. at least i can say goodbye to timesheet

Nurul 'Ain Mohd Amin said...

timesheet?hahahahaha..menyusahkan..yeah, audit is crazy eh?

Anonymous said...

Bahgia puan with en hubby:-)