Tuesday, 13 November 2012

that white note..

Received this the other day..

I was excited when i received the parcel..but the moment i saw a letter..classy! u made my day sapok..thank you so much..baju ko bagi untuk baby is one thing but surat tu..terharu aku ok..dah lame kot tak dapat surat..kihkih..

I was smiling and grinning reading it.the last part was...boleh tak aku cakap touching..u know what, i felt the same way each time. remembering the times we had back in school, it was priceless..

just to be there in that moment again, no headache, no difficulties, no i-want-to-disappear time.. all about joy and craziness i think i would give up just anything..aku nak sangat pinjam pintu mase kat doraemon..waaaaa....

Thank you so much sapok..for the baju and the letter! okay aku nak nangis dah bace balik surat time of difficulties, i find this letter to be so...comforting.

love u guys!

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haryani fabilah said...

aku baru pndai nk ber blog.jd la drpd xde,kalo x ngutuk2 aku kn,haa,bace la smpai montahh!!!uweeekkkk!!!